• Do you offer items in more than one color? 
We offer majority of our products in multiple colors so if you see an item you like you can bet that we have it in several additional colors.

  • What forms of payment are accepted on
Methods of payment include credit cards and Amazon gift cards. Checkout is smooth and secure as we proudly use Checkout by Amazon!

  • Are all orders subject to Sales Tax?
All orders within New York are subject to sales tax. Until the law changes, if you live outside NY you will NOT be charged sales tax.

  • How can I check the status of my order?
In order to check your order status, whether or not you can update or cancel orders, and how to track orders? All of these tools are available in the " Your Account " section of our website. If you would like further assistance, feel free to call us at (347) 689 - 2527 to speak with a real customer service representative.
What are your shipping rates? All information regarding shipping can be found on the bottom of the website titled " Shipping ".

  • What is Ultimate Collection's return policy?
All information regarding return policies and procedures can be found on the bottom of the website titled " Returns ".