“What’s a Shoe Chain?” is the Question Everyone Should Be Asking

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Written By: Rachel Narozniak

The merit of an event titled a “special occasion” is evidenced in the phrase’s first word— “special,” out of the ordinary, infrequent, and accordingly magnificent in quality given its rarity. Each woman has been confronted by a “special occasion,” an event that calls for a look that matches the occasion in its extraordinary nature. When seeking to use jewelry as the mode to distinguish oneself for such an occasion, the devil is in the details. While necklaces, bracelets, and rings are jewelry staples in everyday dress, their status as staples implies a regularity not synonymous with the caliber of the occasion. Delve beyond the typical jewelry trends to enhance your style when the evening calls for it via our selection of shoe chains.

Shoe choice is notorious for its ability to make or break an outfit, yet even when you step into a stunning set of heels, your outfit may continue to lack that extra something that elevates it from outfit to bonafide look. Enter the shoe chain, presented on our website in both gold and silver tones. The chains accent not only one’s ankle, functioning as an elaborate sort of anklet, but dress up a more understated pair of heels. Sure to turn heads, each chain arrives with a simple link hand chain to be worn duly around the wrist and on one’s finger, a complementary accessory to the shoe chain, manufactured in the same aesthetic.

Our shoe chains surface in highly decorated styles, as in our Goldtone Shoe Chain With Dangling Cuban Link Chains and Multisize Simulated Pearls, a design that layers gold chain and pearl string. The style is also offered in silvertone.

Thicker in chain texture is our Silvertone Shoe Chain With Dangling Cuban Chains, Box Chain, Snake, and Chevron Style Chains, an edgy touch that adds a dangerous flair to the ankle to claim the trend. At only $7.99 the shoe chain is an investment in the special occasions that will define one’s future events.

The shoe chain is not a piece of jewelry that is limited to heels, however, as evidenced by our Goldtone Cuban Link Shoe Lace Chain Set, modeled on our website on a simple sneaker like Converse low top shoes. An element that infuses a classic sneaker style with attitude, the wearer of any of our shoe chains is primed to emerge as a trendsetter immediately upon debuting the style.

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