Top Ten Jewelry That Women Love

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One of the hardest things in the world is composing a top ten, top one hundred list and so on. Why is that so? Simply because people nowadays are so different and have varied tastes. One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold. Therefore we, at Ultimate Collection, did our best to make a short top ten list of what would women love in 2016. We are doing this as a helping guide for men - as most of them have close to no idea what to get their ladies on an anniversary, birthday or just as a simple gift. Here we go!


      10. 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stone Symmetrical Cross Pendant

If you are going for something chic that any woman adores then no one can go wrong in buying a zirconia stone pendant. It glitters in the bright lights like a diamond and this is precisely what the modern woman wants - exquisite attention towards herself. Give her the time of her life by presenting such an unique piece of jewelry.


  1. 14K Yellow or White Gold Two Wire Simple CZ Stone Toe Ring

The toe rings are now a trendy motive and every woman that follows fashion would want one. Going for a minimal style is always a great idea. This little piece can adorn her toes when she’s on a beach or in a free form outfit during the hot days of summer. It is an indispensable piece of jewelry for those women that want to attract positive attention by wearing something subtle and yet impressive.


  1. Brass and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Turquoise never gets out of fashion. This color has been and continues to be one of the essential colors that attract positive emotions that can warm the heart. A woman in such an outfit will bring peace of mind and a serene sense of attraction. No turquoise outfit is complete without an impressive bracelet that features stones of this colored set into a brass body. This is the ultimate Indian creation that is so adored by Western women.


  1. Full Body Chain with Ten Hanging Links


To impress means coming in with something new and something that is so over the top that will remain imprinted in someone’s mind. Entertainers of old used the full body chains to give a flair to any show and now people have gone back to those times to get inspiration. An exotic piece that can impress anyone that is looking for something fresh and distinctive. Its quality will bedazzle even the heaviest skeptics.

  1. Princess Crown Style Tiara

When talking about princes and princesses the first thing that comes into mind is the glittering tiara. This is a royal sign of power and influence. Nowadays there aren’t any more real princesses but any woman can feel like one when wearing such an amazing piece of jewelry. As to make the tiara more accessible it has been constructed out of the best silver tone material available on the market. The best thing about it is that one size fits all - you won’t have to return it in case it doesn’t fit.


  1. Dangling Chandelier Belly Ring

Belly piercing isn’t something new these days but the jewelry that is attached to such a piercing matters a lot. There is nothing more attractive than a great belly ring that gives an extra flair to a beautifully toned belly. The women that are into sports know the importance of these piercings and how they can make a first positive impression of the body. Such rings are a boom on social networks such as Instagram.


  1. Goldtone Iced Out Ankh Cross Mini Sandblast Pendant


Rosaries have been for a long time linked with faith but this is no more. The expert jewelry manufacturers have constructed rosaries that are not connected to any modern faith. For example you can now get an amazing gold tone rosary that is featuring an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh head and an ankh. This signifies eternal life and good luck.


  1. 925 Sterling Silver Double Heart Promise Ring


A ring is an indispensable piece of jewelry for anyone. Any woman has to have at least several rings and wear them on various occasions. The ring isn’t just a symbol of status but also of good taste. It’s in the way that the woman combines the ring with the existing outfit that speaks volumes about her. “Tell me what rings are you wearing today - and I’ll tell you who you are”, is a great adaptation of the old phrase.


  1. 10K Yellow Gold 2.8mm Franco Chain 8Inch Bracelet

There are many types of amazing chain constructions that are popular these days but none is as easily recognizable as the Franco chain. It has been in the top of any person’s wish list for jewelry not for decades but for hundreds of years! There is no complete jewelry collection without an awesome golden Franco chain. Such a necklace will bring a smile to your face any time you see it.


  1. 10k White Gold Hoop Earrings 2mm 1.5 Inches

The hoop earrings are back in trend and they are hitting hard as ever. It’s hard to ignore a girls that sports such earrings these days. They are massive and attract a lot of attention. The white gold glitters in the sun like a mirror. Ultimate Collection recommends the brand new earring design to all women that want to feel young and energetic and also state that to there rest of the world!

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