The Many Styles of Jesus Piece Jewelry

Posted on May 19, 2017 by Ultimate Collection | 0 comments

Written By: Rachel Narozniak

Jesus piece pendants are a sector in jewelry sales that continues to surge for a variety of reasons. The jewelry most commonly depicting Jesus’s face, Jesus piece jewelry emerges as a means by which to demonstrate one’s religious affiliation, with many religions referencing Jesus in their practice, differentiated by the role played by Jesus in each faith. Just as the cross has become a universal symbol of faith, popularized by Christianity, Jesus piece jewelry is likewise frequently worn by those of the Christian faith.

But one does not need to practice any specific religion to wear the pendants, the Jesus pieces growing increasingly fashionable in Hip Hop culture, with many rappers sporting Jesus piece chains. For more information on Hip Hop jewelry, be sure to peruse our section of iced out jewelry and other chains.

Whether you’re seeking to honor your religious association via jewelry, or alternatively, to ingrain Hip Hop culture into your array of daily accessories, Ultimate Collection offers a wide selection of Jesus piece jewelry sure to satisfy any taste, ranging from modest styles, to flashier designs.

For those seeking more classic Jesus pendants, our 39 inch Jesus piece rosary will be of particular interest. Sold in a gold finish, the Rosary is a classy, beautiful piece in its bead work. Two of our Jesus jewelry options come with a two-year warranty: the engraved Jesus piece/outline cross that features two pieces of gold overlay, and our heart shaped ‘Love Jesus’ tri color pendant with gold overlay and an 18 inch link necklace. The Jesus piece/outline cross has the name “Jesus” carved into its rectangular shape, the white of the engraved cross popping in complementary contrast to the pendant’s gold hue. The ‘Love Jesus’ necklace is a stunning piece for females, combining gold, silver, and rose gold hues around the name “Jesus,” framed beautifully in the center of the heart necklace. While our gold pieces are traditional and many in number, we also offer a variety of silver toned cross and Jesus pendants.

For those interested in pieces that are noticeably more eye catching, our 10k yellow gold Jesus Face pendant will especially appeal, coming with a 10k, 24 inch Pave Figaro chain destined to be eye catching.

Our iced out Jesus pendants are similarly popular, coming in both 925 sterling silver and 925 sterling gold tone Cubic Zirconia choices. With iced out jewelry linked to Hip Hop culture as a fashion trend, our iced out Jesus jewelry will be most attractive to those seeking pieces that will align with the Hip Hop culture. The iced out quality of the Jesus pendants, some of which are double layered for added opulence, is a tasteful coupling of pendant and shine.

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