The Body Chain is an Accessory You Won’t Be Able to Get Enough of!

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Written By: Rachel Narozniak

The most prominent vehicle for the expression of one’s personal style on the beach used to be swimsuit choice; and indeed swimsuit selection continues to reveal tones of fashion taste what with the buyer’s obligation to select from among many different types the cut of the swimwear, and perhaps a comparatively more difficult choice: a color, or a pattern? And if color, what color?

Swimsuit choice will never go out of fashion as an integral indicator of one’s aesthetic, yet lately, it seems to have taken a backseat to an accessory that despite its longevity of existence, only continues to grow in popularity: the body chain.

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Flashy colors and bold patterns are dethroned in their swimsuit statement abilities, the body chain possessive of the power to dress up the swimsuit of the most basic structuring, of the blandest color, making for a classic, sleek look. Available in different metals, and furthermore, in a variety of styles—some of which even cover different expanses of skin, or areas on the body—body chains are emblematic of one’s fashion taste, where each unique type of chain reflects the wearer’s individual style. 

The body chain has long been featured in celebrity ensembles, the chain’s relevance to the spring/summer season hardly news, equally hardly surprising. Yet just as the choker made a comeback in the fall season—likewise an accessory that has “been around” perhaps longer than many may have even thought or realized—the body chain appears well on its way to elevation of the same renewed enthusiasm, the body chain trend revived by the recent wave of Instagram photographs posted during the 2017 spring break season, images in which even the simplest bikinis or one-pieces received a touch of sophistication via the presence of a chain.

While body chains can take a beach look from bleak to chic, keep in mind that the chains are simple—or sometimes, more elaborate “statements”; the distinction is dependent upon the wearer’s preference—touches intended to complement the look’s overall vibe. Body chains can conversely cramp the style of the look if paired with pieces that are too loud, i.e. the aforementioned flashy colors and bold patterns, and are therefore best suited to pairing with solid colors. Body chains can be coupled with patterned swimsuit styles, but run the risk of appearing cheap, or out of place.

For those unsure of whether a body chain would be an appropriate accessory if worn with their swimsuit remember this: the body chain is the focal point that adds grace and sophistication to a beach look.


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