Sterling Silver Jewelry Continues to Be a Fashion Staple

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Written By: Rachel Narozniak

If you’re a jewelry wearer—as we presume since you’re reading this blog post—you’ve inevitably suffered from the tell tale signs of low quality jewelry, aka copper jewelry disguised as silver jewelry. When the ring you bought leaves an unsightly green stain on your finger upon removal that will take days to fade from your skin’s surface, you’ll know it’s time to invest in better caliber jewelry, pieces not made from copper and brushed with a silver finish destined to fade with use, but styles in a 925 Sterling Silver department that won’t tarnish, and similarly, won’t offend your skin.

The number “925” has become a universal symbol in jewelry design that signals silver content at 92.5% in the piece of jewelry. A standard in silver jewelry, the 92.5% notifies the wearer that the jewelry is comprised mostly of silver, with other elements making up the remaining 7.5%. When purchasing silver jewelry, some consumers must be mindful of allergens, especially those purchasers known to have reactions to nickel in their jewelry. Fortunately for our shoppers, the majority of the sterling silver jewelry available in our 925 Sterling Silver department is hypoallergenic, making this common issue less of a dilemma to be encountered by our customers.

Whereas “silver” pieces made from components other than true silver are only temporary, failing to last in the long run, our real silver pieces are investments in their ability to always be cleaned and restored to their original shine.

Sterling silver chains are accessories guaranteed to endure, not only in their physical composition, but in the fashion sphere. We offer a variety of sterling silver chains ranging in price from $7.99 to $476.99, leaving the purchaser to decide their price point.

Rooted at the center of our mid range prices is the 925 Sterling Silver 16inch Oval Snake Chain Necklace, a unisex piece of great quality that could be worn for truly any occasion, dressing a look up, yet never looking out of place on a comparatively casual ensemble.

Our sterling silver chains come in both gold and silver tones, as in the luminescent 925 Sterling Silver Goldtone 1.8mm Franco Chain, and our 925 Sterling Silver Reversible Valentino Chain Necklace. Finish being a matter of personal taste, there are many styles of each tone for our shoppers to individualize their style.

The sterling silver chain being a staple of both men’s and women’s fashion, our 925 Sterling Silver department offers many designs tailored to men’s style, including our Men’s 925 Sterling Silver 4mm D-Cut Ball Chain Necklace, or our Men’s 925 Sterling Silver 24inch 5mm Oval Snake Chain Necklace, a chic update of the traditional sterling silver chain.

One of the few pieces of jewelry unisex in nature, the sterling silver chain is a tasteful trend recognized not only for its metal quality, but for the perpetual quality of its existence.

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