Necklace Size Chart - Find The Right Necklace Size For You

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We all have that one, or few, necklaces sitting on our jewelry box that haven’t been worn for a long time, or ever!. The more likely reason for this is that after the purchase of the necklace, we end up disliking how it looks on us. Everyone makes mistakes and so it is okay. What we have to learn is how to not make these mistakes again and make our purchase worth it!

To choose the right necklace that brings out your best features, we have to look at factors like your neck length, face shape and your body type.

The standard women's necklace sizes

14” -Fits like a choker, closely around the neck. Can be worn with any open neck clothing.

16”- Wraps loosely around the neck and is very popular among petite women.

18”-Sits on the collarbone. This length of chain looks really pretty with a pendant on it.

20”-Falls a little below the collarbone. Can be worn with almost everything.

22”-Chain falls between the collarbone and the bust.

24”- Chain sits below neckline. Popular statement piece with business wear.

36”-hangs below the bust.


The most important factor to look at in a Male when choosing the right necklace for them is their neck. The most popular length among men is the 20 inches. The following are the standard necklace sizes we have for our men:

18”- In a smaller man, this chain would sit on the base of the neck

20”- This is the most popular length among men, falls on the collarbone.

22”-Falls below the collarbone, pendants are mostly worn with this length.

24”-Men tend to buy this length mostly for their precious, religious pendants that they would like to wear under their clothing.

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