Manliness Has Nothing To Do With Wearing Jewelry

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Ultimate Collection | 0 comments

There is a common myth among the male denizens of the world that if you are a real man then you don’t have to wear any jewelry. The chief reason because it’s not a manly thing to do as only ladies have to make themselves pretty for other men. This conservative point of view has made mens jewelry stagnate for years. It’s not just the trend but also the frame of mind that this old school segment has. Luckily, the world has changed and men from all over the world get a different mindset.


We at Ultimate Collection care a lot for our male customers and hand pick their jewelry for various life scenarios. There is jewelry that can be worn to a NYC fund raiser or that can be sported at a casual walk in the park. Some say its a mens world but we believe in gender equality and in the quality of the individual. We think that it’s the world of the best people, that are high quality from the moral standpoint. Such people are not afraid to wear jewelry for men and are not afraid to speak their mind.


The cuban chain necklaces that we have in our store are high quality and would make any man look better and it’s not only the necklaces but also the bracelets. There is a huge selection of various types to choose from. Then there is also the goldtone, silvertone and the actual real metals that can be ordered. It truly depends on your budget which one should you go for. We advise our clients to choose any because truly any of them would look good on a fascinating person and there is a grain of truth in that.

mens goldtone cz ribbed square ring

Our new selection of rings will truly blow your mind. They are so varied and awesomely looking that any man would truly wish to have all of them and change the rings everyday. Judging about how well priced they are then for most persons its not a problem buying several at once. There are well crafted rings with stones, in forms of various animals or phenomenons or just plain high quality rings that would suit any NYC citizen. Being a man is not a thing of status quo and wearing amazing jewelry isn’t frowned upon any longer - go for something that you like!

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