Magnetic Earrings Are The New Wave in Men’s Fashion

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Written By: Rachel Narozniak

Women have at their disposal a multitude of accessories by which they may alter their day to day look, with jewelry—i.e. nose jewelry, earrings, etc.—makeup, and wigs and hair clips exemplifying just a few of the transformative options. For men, it can be a bit more difficult to identify accessories that may alter one’s day to day appearance in the same way that the careful swipe of a makeup brush, a choice selection of a hair style can. In almost a formal response to the strenuousness men may encounter in the selection of an accessory that adds a touch of temporary personality is the magnetic earring.

Men have for long mirrored women in their preference for the earring trend, with many men embedding studs in their ear lobes, a placement that adds an edge to one’s appearance, and similarly, a placement that signals a certain sort of affluence given the model, size, and stone of the jewelry worn. An earring is an adornment that draws attention to the line of the face, as well as the line of the jaw, complementing jaw shape while orienting gaze.

However well some men may rock the male earring trend, others are hesitant to commit to a “real” piercing, an understandable revelation given the pain, price, and look of the piercing, all of which are of course, dependent on the piercing’s placement. As those with piercings can testify, sometimes piercings just look different once they’re in place; sometimes they look better than the client expected, other times, they just appear out of place. For those men interested in experimenting with the earring trend in an expansion of personal style, magnetic jewelry arrives as the ideal alternative to pierced jewelry, a sort of “trial” if you will, to pierced jewelry.

To dispel a reflexive thought, no, magnetic jewelry is not prone to loss—or at least ours isn’t. The magnetic stud earrings that round out our collection of magnetic earrings for men available for purchase are made both durably, and sturdily; one can affix the earrings to his ear at the beginning of an evening out, and reasonably expect to return home with them in place.

Jewelry choice is always an intensely personal selection, and mindful of the personal preference exercised in the purchase of jewelry, we offer many different types and styles of magnetic/magnet earrings to men interested in getting involved with the trend, with options ranging from gold and silver metal choices, fashion studs, and varying stone colors. There is, quite simply, a pair of magnetic earrings for each man’s taste available on Ultimate Collection, a beauty of selection that is paralleled by the sense of selection offered by the earrings’ magnetic form—if one chooses to wear the jewelry one day, he may do so with ease, and without the commitment required by a formal piercing; if he decides to forego the earrings for an occasion, he may just as simply remove them, accessories for another day.

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