Jewelry Styles for Children

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Written By: Rachel Narozniak

Jewelry is for everyone, including those of the younger age groups. Whether a “friendship” bracelet, or a simple pair of stud earrings, each adolescent recalls her first piece of “trainer” jewelry, a piece that regardless of the form or style, offers its young wearer her first taste of the wide world of accessories.

We pride ourselves in the expanse of jewelry options present in our Kids’ Jewelry section, offering a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry sets designed specifically for kids. All of the pieces that appear in our kids’ department are 925 sterling silver, 14k gold, and/or fashion jewelry.

When it comes to selecting jewelry that will bring a radiant smile to your child’s face, you’ll find that our various special designs, ranging from our Silvertone Green Iced Out Frog Stud Earrings to our Silvertone Cheerleader with Clear Stones, will resonate with your child’s interests.

Our Silvertone Black and White Iced Out Soccer Ball Pendant, Silvertone Black and Orange Iced Out Basketball Pendant, and Goldtone White Volleyball Pendant are perfect for young athletes who desire to show their love of the game off the field and off the court. Each pendant comes with an 18inch chain on which the playful pendants may be worn.

Perhaps one of the purest accessories worn by a child is a friendship necklace that demonstrates allegiance to that one tried and true best friend. Our Slvertone Yin Yang Two-Piece Friendship Necklace, and our Silvertone Iced Out Two Best Friend Heart Piece Pendants—the more traditional friendship necklace of the two choices—may be worn by your child, and shared with a friend, forging an even stronger bond of friendship between the two. Our Antique Goldtone Three Best Friends Forever Broken Heart Pieces Pendants allows your child to gift a heart piece pendant to not one, but two friends.

For the young ladies who prefer to accessorize newly pierced ears with earrings, our Cupcake, Candy, and Ice Cream Themed Earring Sets available in gold and silver tones will be especially appealing, affording three different earring options in just one set. Our Silvertone Hi, Ciao, and Bye Themed Earring set represents three other earring options that are extremely popular among our younger shoppers.

Age, after all, is but a number, and jewelry is timeless, ageless.

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