How to Clean and Polish Your Jewelry

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Despite the quality of your jewelry, whether it’s made from silver or gold, in the course of time it starts to show tarnish and so loses its luster, which generally happens because of daily wear. Certainly, seeing that it acquires an unattractive and even dirty look, you stop wearing it and consequently bury it in your jewelry box until the moment you’ll buy an expensive jewelry cleaner to restore your gold or silver jewelry former shine.

The fact is that, if you like to wear jewelry and possess a plethora of precious items, you should be ready to provide them with the timely as well as proper cleaning. Every fashion girl knows how important it can be to have her jewelry arsenal always prepared for wearing, while having an idea of how to clean and polish precious metals together with the stones.

jewelry cleaning

Considering the question of jewelry care and cleaning, the good news is that, you don’t need to buy a pricey jewelry cleaner, as actually everything you need for the powerful cleaning you have at home. In such a way, to be able to carry out an essential jewelry cleaning, you can use a soft cloth, drop of dish wash and warm water, rubbing your item until it will be clean enough, then rinsing it in cool water to take away the rest of dish wash and finally buffing dry. If this cleaning method won’t help, you can prepare a paste, made from backing soda and water, taken in the ratio of 3 to 1. Such a paste can be extremely helpful, while whitening your silver jewelry, in case your silver was subjected to oxidation and so acquired a darkie black color. To get better results by cleaning you can also employ your old toothbrush and clean the hard-to-reach parts of your item. Furthermore, you can use your toothpaste to brush any sort of jewelry.

Those, who are too lazy or busy to make the offered above cleaning manipulations with their jewelry, may opt for an incredibly easy method of cleaning by dropping their items in a glass of Alka-Seltzer just for few minutes. They will be surprised how fast their jewelry will start to sparkle again.

However, taking care of your jewelry, you should be aware that there is the number of gemstones, which need a particularly careful approach to the process of their cleaning. These gemstones include such porous stones as pearl, opal, turquoise and amber. It means that before you’ll decide to clean jewelry with these gemstones, you should learn their particular specifics in order to prevent the loss of their natural luster. Their cleaning is usually made by means of shampoo and a very soft brush just like those, made of natural fur, which are used for make-up or painting.

Choose the most adequate method to clean your jewelry, in order to wear it as longer as possible!

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