How To Choose The Right Jewelry To Reach Perfection In Style

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Every one of us is unique, because of our appearance, character and preferences. These three constituents of any personality find their reflection in our style. This style can be as successful, demonstrating a sparkling specialness of a person, as quite ordinary, making him or her looking like a mouse. Obviously, if you’re reading this post, you endeavor at perfection in style by means of jewelry, while it’s important to remember that the perfection, as it was rightfully interpreted by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Certainly, the things we choose to wear determine our style. Even so, if your wardrobe consists only of the mouse-colored clothes, it doesn’t mean that you are expected to change it for the colorful ones, since you can embellish it anytime, if you’ll just add the right accessories or jewelry. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the question about the right jewelry is not about its price, size, material or something else, since whether it’s big or small, cheap or expensive, real or fake, it’s expected to fit harmoniously into the ensemble of your style.


To be able to succeed, while purchasing the right jewelry, you should follow some conventional rules. The first rule says that jewelry should match your appearance and particularly your facial features. It implies that you should take into account your skin tone, face shape and eye color. For instance, considering the white skin, which is usually divided into warm and cool tones, you can find out that those, who have warm tone, are recommended to choose yellow metals along with yellow, orange, and green gemstones. At the same time, people with cool skin tone, should opt for white metals along with red, purple, and blue gemstones.

Taking into account your face shape, which can be round, oval, square, triangular, rectangular, heart or diamond-shaped, you can choose the jewelry, which may complement or even enhance your facial features, drawing attention away from some particular drawbacks. As you may already know, oval faces are the perfect ones, allowing people with this face shape wearing just any style of jewelry they want. The rest should look for an appropriate solution. Thus, woman with round faces may optically extend their face shape using long necklaces. On the other hands, those, whose faces feature some angles, may add some roundness to their features, using choker and short necklaces.


Purchasing earrings with bright gemstones, you may give an accent to your beautiful eye color, wearing the earrings that have the very same gem color as your eyes. For example, blue eyes can be distinguished by means of blue topaz or blue opal earrings, while green eyes – by emerald or citrine, brown eyes – by smoky topaz.

The other important rule of wearing the right jewelry is certainly about your good taste. Your jewelry should complete your style, but by no way overload it. If you prefer wearing a set of statement bracelets on your wrist, you should keep moderate with other jewelry items, selecting a minimalist necklace and earrings. Here it’s important to keep in mind the cited-earlier words regarding the perfection, which actually is “when there is nothing left to take away”.

Undoubtedly, the right destination to purchase the right jewelry is Ultimate Collection, which offers a large choice of excellent accessories that will meet your style, accomplishing the idea of perfection, specialness and harmony in style.

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