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The Hebrew and Arabic cultures have very much in common. They have stood at the dawn of cultural ascension and have borrowed a lot from the old Egyptian wisdom. You can see a lot of amazing symbolism shared by these two great and ancient cultures. One of the most popular symbols of this kind is known as the Hamsa hand. It is also called the hamesh hand in the Hebraic culture. This symbol has the same meaning both cultures: it protects the bearer from the evil and envious eye. It was and still is an amazing ward against the enemies that wish to steal your possessions.

 Hamsa Necklace

An opal Hamsa necklace isn’t just a simple jewelry item but it will also give you a spiritual feedback and reinforcement that will go a long way. Any wise Arab or Jew that you will encounter will tell you that this symbolism isn’t just there for the design but it also means a lot. While we won’t go into detail on the significance of the palm and eyes - you should know that it’s old and powerful. Your enemies will cower at the sight of a genuine hamsa hand bracelet or any other depiction of this imposing sign.



The Ultimate Collection web store that has been founded by New Yorkers feature an amazing selection of authentic Hamsa necklace items. There are items for every person and it doesn’t matter whether he’s rich or poor - it is possible to get a Hamsa ward with just several US dollars. Possibly the coolest bracelet that you can get on the store is made out of 925 sterling silver and is quite a sight for the eyes. The bracelet is studded with some amazing blue stones that give the eye an extraordinary look.


There are also some excellent hamsa hand necklace versions that you shouldn’t miss: a real 14k yellow gold one that is just under one hundred US dollars. It’s an amazing purchase that could be passed down the generations as a fantastic family heirloom. This gold hamsa necklace is made of the best materials and feels great to the touch. It also means that the sturdy construction will withstand even the strongest tugs. These aren’t the only examples of the Ultimate Collection assortment, there are many more that you should check out. A Hamsa hand is the perfect gift for a cherished friend or a special loved one.

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