Find The Difference Between 10K and 14K Gold!

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Looking for a stunning piece of Jewelry with an exclusive design? We are also concerned with it's quality as well as how precious it looks. We all know that Gold is yellow.. but considering the question of Jewelry made from Gold along with the items stamped as 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold, we are usually confused, as the visual difference is barely perceptible, on the other hand, the cost differs greatly.

As you may already know, the letter “K” stands for karat. Karat is the unit of measurement of Gold purity. Due to the fact that Gold is quite soft metal, no jewelry pieces are made from pure Gold. This is because it can be easily scratched or deformed. For this reason, having an item made of pure Gold is not produced, 22K is the highest it will go. Taking this feature of gold into account, today’s Jewelry industry widely employs the diverse gold alloys, each of which contains a particular percentage of gold, while the rest is made from copper, zinc, silver or nickel, providing the articles of jewelry with the expected durability and hardness. In such a way, jewelry items made from gold mixed with other metals are perfect for daily wear.

14k gold vs 10k gold

To be able to understand the system of measurement of gold quality you should grasp that karat number specifies how many parts of gold a particular jewelry item contains. The total number of parts is 24. Within this framework, 24K gold is the pure gold, while 10K gold includes only 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts other metals. So, just 41.7% of jewelry item stamped as 10K or .417 is gold. The same principle works with 14K and 18K gold, where the gold alloy contains 58.5% and 75% gold (also can be stamped as .585 and .750, respectively).

The absolute favorites are 10K and 14K gold. Namely these gold alloys provide a compromise between quality and price. Both 10K and 14K gold are more durable than their purer as well as more expensive alternatives made from 18K and 22K gold, while the difference is almost invisible.

Taking into account all the specifics associated with gold purity, Ultimate Collection offers an excellent choice of high quality jewelry items with diverse gold content. The regular customers of our jewelry web store exactly know that the jewelry items stamped as 10K or 14K by Ultimate Collection represent a good value for money.

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