Evil Eye Jewelry - Beautiful Design and Protective Power

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There is no question that a large category of the modern-day jewelry is made up of amulets and talismans that are extremely popular today. Many people understand how useful it is to wear the jewelry pieces, which feature besides their aesthetic beauty, some symbolic meaning together with such additional qualities as the power to protect against misfortune or the ability to bring good luck. These qualities are particularly appreciated by those, who choose jewelry pieces that are supposed to be worn on a daily basis.

As a rule, talisman jewelry encounters the designs of occult symbols, while reviving old traditions and beliefs. Following the idea that “there’s nothing old under the sun”, we understand that the occult symbols or magical signs, which are associated with Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Masonry, Alchemy, Astrology and other religions, teachings, philosophies, and ideologies, are beyond time and place.

evil eye bracelet

One of such occult symbols is the evil eye, which is considered to be initially originated from West Asia. Nowadays, the concept of the “evil eye” is present in almost every modern culture and means a dreadful curse, which can bring bad luck, sickness or even death. The talismans, intended to defend from the evil eye, are also called “evil eyes” and are depicted as eyes, which are traditionally blue colored, but are available in diverse colors and styles. These protective eyes are deemed to turn back harm to the sorcerer, while carrying out their mission of talismans.

Another symbol, which is frequently met together with evil eye talismans, is the hamsa hand. These palm-shaped amulets are believed to protect against the evil eye as well as to bring good luck. For this reason, the hamsa hand and evil eye are frequently united in one talisman, when an eye is depicted in the center of palm, or in one jewelry set.

Visiting the Ultimate Collection web store, you can find a great variety of talisman jewelry pieces along with the excellent selection of evil eye jewelry, featuring trendy design. In such a way, you’ll be able to find stunning evil eye earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches along with jewelry sets. These magnificent articles will allow you not only looking attractive and classy, but also feeling safe, while being defended from any curse and misfortune. We also present to your attention the unique necklaces, accessorized with the multicolor evil eye charms, where every color has its meaning, bringing good luck in some certain sphere. For instance, pink evil eye is expected to bring you love luck, black– power, white– wealth, green – happiness, amethyst – intelligence, turquoise – health etc.

So, take this chance to choose one of our fantastic evil eye talismans to enjoy its beautiful design and protective power!

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