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The little black choker necklace has become the signature of Cinderella’s look after the successful Disney cartoon of 1950, which continues to win the hearts of the girls from all over the world up to the present time.

However, the history of choker, which is also known as dog collar, goes back into the remote past that is many years more than the release of the popular Disney cartoon. In such a way, those, who like paintings, are aware that the attire of most ballerinas, depicted by Degas during the 1870s-80s, features the little black velvet or satin choker, which was considered fashionable at that time. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that black ribbon, worn on the neck, was a part of prostitute uniform during the French Revolution.

bohemian choker


Going further, we’ll find out that this sort of accessory was present in very different cultures, including the Egyptian, Native American, Chinese, Indian, Russian along with others, where the chokers were made of different materials. For instance, the Egyptian chokers were the golden collars, adorned with gemstones and so worn by pharaohs and nobles. The maharajas’ and rajas’ wives in Indian always embellished their apparel with beautiful choker necklaces, accessorized with precious stones and ivory. Russian chokers were frequently made of pearls, while Native American – of leather, beads, bones and even teeth.

Chokers have returned in fashion in the 1990s with such celebs and even icons as Natalie Portman in “The Professional”, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Victoria Begham etc., who were frequently sporting chokers.

Nowadays the choice of chokers is extremely great. They are made of metal, leather, plastic, textile and decorated with gemstones, beads, sequins, studs and pendants. Despite their styles, the most distinctive of which are Antique, Gothic, Baroque, Bohemian, Native American, all the chokers provide a particular grace and elegance to the woman’s neck.

brown leather choker

Looking for the proper choker necklace that will meet your personal style and taste, you will certainly find the one by Ultimate Collection. At our store you can see black lace or velvet chokers with dangling stones, elastic stretch chokers, goldtone metal collars, Bohemian chokers, Native American leather chokers along with other exclusive and gorgeous items, which can be referred to classic, trendy and statement fine jewelry and take their place in the jewelry box of any fashion girl.

velvet choker


There’re also stunning jewelry sets containing chokers and matching earrings. These sets provide an excellent solution for all those, who want to complete their style using, for example, silvertone choker style Cuban link body chain with teardrop crystals and earrings. So, take this chance to have unique and impressive style, deciding on the cheap choker necklaces at Ultimate Collection!

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