Attract Good Fortune With Hamsa Jewelry

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Despite the Hamsa’s origin in Middle Eastern culture as a symbol of the “hand of God,” the Hamsa has since pervaded all faiths, materializing as a protective sign within each respective religion. Much like the evil eye talismans, intended to ward off the malevolent, the Hamsa serves the same purpose, acting as a deflector of evil for its wearer. Multifaceted in its symbolic function, the Hamsa additionally attracts happiness, luck, and health.

Opal Hamsa Jewelry

Given its ability to bestow general good fortune upon its wearer, the Hamsa has become popular among jewelry wearers, leading Hamsa Jewelry to become a highly sought category in jewelry markets. Taking the form of a Hamsa hand, the palm shaped amulet frequents necklace design, and accordingly appears in a variety of styles on our website. The preeminent Hamsa design of our many Hamsa jewelry options is naturally the Hamsa hand necklace, a style that is available in 925 sterling silver finish in a dark blue opal shade, and conversely, a light blue opal hue. Pendants that serve not only to accessorize, but additionally, to protect, Hamsa necklaces are both aesthetically pleasing, and spiritually functional.

Our variety of Hamsa necklaces provide a myriad of options for shoppers, from silver and gold finishes, to stacked heart engraving, to Star of David embedding, and finally, to rhinestone application. Layered Hamsa necklaces are also available for purchase, amplifying the protective qualities of the jewelry in their layered nature. The Hamsa jewelry that appears for sale on our website is equally as diverse as the religions to which the symbol traditionally belongs.

Hamsa jewelry transcends mere necklace design, however. Perusal of the website will return several different kinds of Hamsa jewelry, including anklets, earrings, belly button rings, and bracelets. Many of our Hamsa options include the original Hamsa symbol, paired with the evil eye, in what is a commercial unity of two symbols central to spirituality. The Hamsa is a classic amulet that when immortalized in jewelry, proves to be timeless for any wearer.

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