Ankh Jewelry - When Fashion Meets Your Faith

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Understanding our specialness, most of us strive to create a unique personal style that will perfectly meet such aspects as our taste, character and even faith. Taking into account the last aspect, it’s worth mentioning that the accultic jewelry is currently on trend. More and more people prefer to wear not simply beautiful jewelry, but also the pieces that have some meaning and perhaps the power. “Where there’s demand, there’s supply” and so the today’s jewelry industry provides us besides the diverse variants of Christian Crosses with a great choice of pagan symbols, among which is certainly ankh jewelry.

               nefertiti ankh cross and wings design dangle earrings     GOLDTONE EYE OF HORUS AND ANKH MICRO PENDANT

There’s no question that the culture of the Ancient Egypt was extremely rich and has its particular impact on the existing civilization until now. One of the wide-spread symbols that are associated with Egypt along with pyramids, pharaohs, screech beetles and others, we usually see in the historical books and movies, is certainly ankh, which is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that is read as “life” or “fertility”. Despite such a seemingly simple representation of ankh symbol, its concept is quite sophisticated. Ankh should be interpreted on the cosmic level, where life means immortality or a constant energy that exists due to the unbroken unity of male and female, spiritual and material… Ankh was an essential attribute of Egyptian gods, while almost every Egyptian was wearing ankh pendant as a protective amulet.

Nowadays, just like in times of the Ancient Egypt, fashion meets believes and provides us with an exceptional selection of magic jewelry pieces, which possess their unique style in addition to the sacred meaning. So, if you are looking for a powerful amulet or perhaps amazing jewelry, designed in Egyptian style, then you should visit a fantastic web store of Ultimate Collection.


Only at Ultimate Collection you’ll find a great choice of the looped crosses, performed in different styles and made of diverse materials. Gold tone, silver tone, jet black iced out and multicolored wooden ankh necklaces and pendants by Ultimate Collection can serve as an excellent addition to either women’s or men’s outfit.

And finally, don’t forget that ankh charm can be used as a powerful talisman, protecting from the forces of decay and destruction along with any negative acts directed against the person, who carries the ankh chain! Choose your “key to the eternal life”, considering ankh jewelry at Ultimate Collection!

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