Tips For Buying Quality Gold Jewelry Online

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Gold is unquestionably the number one precious metal that is widely used in the today’s jewelry industry. Gold has been regarded as the Sun-metal since the beginning of time, being always sought after.

In fact, gold really resembles the Sun along with its energy and even possesses lots of powerful qualities, which have found their application in many different spheres besides the jewelry making. Still, turning to the matter of jewelry there’s nothing better than gold, as it is beautiful, user-friendly, durable and inevitably expensive. For this reason, as gold jewelry as gold bullions present a perfect option for secure investments, since gold will never go down in value.


The quality of gold jewelry, available on the current market, can be determined by the number of characteristics, which should be taken into account by its acquisition. These characteristics are weight and karat of gold. It’s also important to know where this gold jewelry was produced. Considering the question of weight, it’s clear that the higher the gram weight of your fine jewelry, the higher its price.

The subject with gold karat is more sophisticated, where karat stands for gold fineness. The pure gold is stamped as 24 karat gold, while the gold, which is used in the modern-day jewelry industry, is mostly stamped as 10, 14 and 18 karat gold. This can be explained by the fact that gold is quite soft metal. Thus, the jewelry made from 24k gold is extremely vulnerable and so non-durable. Such a feature of gold appears to be unfavorable for the jewelry that should be worn on a daily basis. In order to provide gold with the desired firmness it’s complemented by diverse metal-alloy. So, karats are used instead of parts of gold included in such a precious alloy (for instance, 10k gold contains 10 parts of gold), where the rest consists of other metals.

The country of gold jewelry origin is also important, since different countries use the diverse technologies by gold jewelry making. This subject always comes down to the question of whether to trust the stated quality of gold jewelry or not.
In addition, you should know that nowadays there’re many jewelry items, which are described as gold, while being gold plated or gold filled. In fact, it’s almost impossible to distinguish these items from the real gold ones. That’s why you should be conscious by acquisition these cheap accessories, which can be actually quite durable.



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