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Every one of us is unique, while having a unique appearance, unique character, unique taste, unique preferences, and finally the unique stone, which brings us luck or which we simply love. There’re many different stones that are involved in jewelry industry at present. These stones along with the jewelry they decorate can be precious or semiprecious, expensive or cheap, quite trivial or unique. There’s no question that design is quite crucial for any piece of jewelry. Still the stone stands out anyway. That’s why, looking for special jewelry, you should choose a special stone, while we recommend you to buy opal jewelry.

Opal is the stone, which is full of light, color, energy and inspiration. Actually it’s hard to call it “stone”, as opal looks very alive due to the fact that it possesses the larger proportion of water than other stones and therefore diffracts the light, providing the effect of rainbow-like colors. Either you will consider fire opal or blue opal it will appear to you full of colors and life, as fire opal shines with dancing flames, while blue one resembles the play of sunlight on the sea water. Do you remember the words of “The Dream Of The Dolphin” by “Enigma”: “In every color, there's the light. In every stone, sleeps a crystal...”? Well, opal is not a sleeping crystal, it’s a vibrant crystal! The energy runs over this stone and transfers directly to anyone, who holds or sees it.

So, could you imagine how powerful as well as delightful the jewelry pieces, decorated with opal, are? Taking these amazing and unique characteristics of opal, Ultimate Collection offers an excellent choice of opal jewelry. Right on its web store you’ll find an impressive selection of magnificent opal pendants, featuring very interesting designs, where the diverse figures are incrusted with blue, white, pink and red opal.

Also Ultimate Collection presents a great range of opal necklaces and opal rings of accultic character, which can be carried as protective talismans or simply symbols of your faith. These jewelry pieces look elegant and at the same time quiet, preserving the sanctity of symbol.




Those, who are inspired with the ocean themed jewelry, will be surprised how natural and exquisite pearly white and blue opal looks in combination with silver, presenting fresh and salty sea style.

Visiting the Ultimate Collection web store you’ll find out that all the articles of opal jewelry can be perfectly combined. Thus, you can choose a set, made of opal earrings and necklace, and then pick up for it a suitable opal bracelet.

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